Caldershaw Primary

Caldershaw Primary

Nurturing Success Together

Edenfield Road, Rochdale, OL12 7QL

01706 658623



Mrs R Trainor                         
Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection and Safeguarding
Designated Cared for Children Lead
Assessment Lead

Calder Club Lead


Deputy Headteacher
Mr A Ferris               
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection and Safeguarding
Key Stage 2 Lead 
Curriculum Lead
Literacy and Reading Lead

Year 6 class teacher

Key Stage Leader EYFS
Mrs L Barringer 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead for Child Protection and Safeguarding                        

Early Years Foundation Stage Lead 

Forest Schools Lead
Senior Mental Health Lead
Health & Wellbeing group
Reception class teacher

Key Stage Leader KS1

Miss J Traynor
KS1 Lead
Humanities Lead
Phonics and Early Reading Lead
Year 2 class teacher


Mrs L Barringer - SEND Co-ordinator

Mrs McManus – SEND Co-ordinator (currently completing NASENCO training)

Mr S Robertson
Computing Lead
Year 5 class teacher

Mr A Eaves                          
Science Lead
Humanities Lead
Trips and Visits Co-ordinator
Year 4 class teacher
Miss N Greenhalgh             
Numeracy Lead    
PE Lead
Health & Wellbeing group                                                                           
Year 3 class teacher

Mrs C McManus
Arts Lead (Art & Music)

DT Lead
Eco Schools Lead

SEND Co-ordinator (currently completing NASENCO training)

​Year 1 class teacher

Mrs C Riley
MFL Lead
RE Lead

Nursery class teacher

​Mrs A Fazackerley
Catch up/Pupil premium teacher

Teaching Assistants and support staff​​​​​
Mrs J Scott                                              HLTA, First Aid, PSHE & SRE                         
Mrs M Hynes                                                         
Mrs G Christian                                                                                               

Mrs T Rukshana                                                                                               
Mrs A Barr                                                                                                         
Mrs L Johnson                                                                                                   
Ms J Rowland                                      Nurture therapy                                               

Ms S Hernon                                          Fire Marshall                                                   
Mrs N Shaw                                            Calder Club manager pm/ Library                  
Ms Tetlow                                               Calder Club manager am/ CU

Miss M Hardman                                                                                                   
Mrs H Potts                                             First Aid                                                           
Miss E McGregor                                                                                              
Mrs S Hall                                               (Apprentice TA)

Ms McGinness 

Miss Whittaker                                                                                          


Mrs S Murray                                         Business Manager
Mrs R Fitton                                           Administrative Assistant

Mr M O’Hara                                           Site Manager/ Fire Marshall 
Mr R Guthrie                                          Cleaner

Lunchtime Supervisors             
Mrs T Rukshana

Miss D McGinness

Kitchen staff
Mrs R Fenton                                                 School cook
Mrs J Taylor                                                    Kitchen assistant
Mr R Guthrie                                                  Kitchen assistant

Calder Club
Mrs R Trainor                                                Calder Club Lead
Ms J Tetlow                                                     Manager (am)
Ms N Shaw                                                     Manager (pm)
Miss S Hernon                       
Mrs A Barr                              
Mrs L Johnson                       
Miss D McGinness                         
Miss M Hardman                   

Miss McGregor

Miss Whittaker

Mrs Hall                     





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