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How we assess your child's progress and attainment.

We assess your child's progress and attainment in all their subjects on a daily basis, through their work in class and also in termly tests/assessments. We report this to you termly, in autumn and spring through the parents' day pre-meeting report and in summer their end of year school report and we discuss these with you at parents' day appointments.

In each subject, children are assessed against a key set of expectations for each year group and the children are expected to learn in greater depth and apply their learning to a wide variety of situations. 

 It is important to note that at the beginning of each year they face the challenge of a new set of ‘End of Year Expectations’.

In general, all children at the start of each Year begin as ‘Working towards’. As they begin to achieve the objectives for that year group, they move towards ‘Expected’. This is the desired grade for the end of each academic year, so that they are ready for the following year. The ultimate aim is that by the end of Year 6, every pupil is ready for High school, by achieving the Year 6 Expected grade; the National Standard.

'Working towards’ is split into 3 parts (WT1, WT 2 and WT 3) to help us to track children’s progress as they work towards ‘Expected’ and these 3 parts correspond to the percentage of objectives or Expectations that a child has achieved.

 ‘Expected’ is achieved when a child has met at least 90% of the Expectations and can apply them to different contexts.

 For each year group, once a child has met 100% of the year group Expectations, they work on achieving the Expectations to an ‘Exceeding’ standard. To be classed as ‘Exceeding’ at an Expectation, a child must show that;

  •  They make no mistakes and work at a rapid pace
  •  They can consistently apply that objective in a range of situations
  •  They can apply what they know to other subjects
  •  They have a ‘mastery’ of that objective

You should not expect your child to have achieved the ‘Expected’ standard for the end of the Year in November or even March as they will have begun with a new set of expectations at the beginning of each Year, but they should be making good progress towards them. 

 For a few children, who are unable to access the curriculum expectations for their year group and who are being taught the expectations or objectives from a lower year group, their attainment will be recorded in relation to those objectives in that year group. We would of course discuss their attainment and progress in detail with you at IEP meetings and parents’ day meetings.

Should you have any queries about the assessment system please talk to your child's class teacher or Mrs Trainor.

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