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PE and Sport

Here at Caldershaw Primary we love PE and Sport! 

The PE curriculum has been carefully crafted so that our children develop their sporting skills as well as enjoying a wide variety of sports as they learn and grow. We want our children to remember their PE lessons in our school, to cherish these memories and embrace the opportunities they are presented with! 

Clubs for this half term

Photographs to celebrate our wonderful curriculum

PE Curriculum Statement


Children are given the recommended 2 hours quality teaching in PE every week. We are aware of the national and local levels of obesity and increasingly inactive lifestyles of children and plan to improve outcomes for our children.  We will equip our children with not just the skills but the passion for sport and physical activity. Our curriculum in planned in line with the requirements of the National Curriculum and includes a wide variety of sports which cover all skills, including Paralympic sports. We are also aware of our children who have special educational needs and our curriculum is designed so there are no barriers to learning for these pupils.


Our teaching staff have a passion for and an expertise in many areas of the PE curriculum.  As well as high quality teaching within the curriculum we also offer many extra curricular clubs which develop the children’s skills and enjoyment of physical activity.

We have excellent facilities and space for physical education to take place and a wide range of high quality resources which are used in lessons and to ensure that children have active playtimes.

In Key Stage 1 our children will learn to and develop their basic motor skills as well as their creativity in Gymnastics and Dance.  In Key Stage 2 they will master these basic movements as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities.  They will be able to evaluate their own and others success. We also recognise how through sport children can also experience and develop life skills such as resilience, group work and conflict resolution and we actively teach these skills in PE lessons.

There are also opportunities for children to compete at inter and intra sport level, regardless of their ability, through a variety of levels of competition including friendly matches against other schools.


Our children develop competence, and many excel, in a broad range of physical activities.  Through opportunities to compete, they show commendable levels of sportsmanship and reflect the values of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in their attitudes towards competition. They are physically active for sustained periods of time and engage in different levels of competitive sports and activities. We ensure our children lead healthy, active lifestyles whilst they are at school and in their future lives and know why this is important.  We make sure that our children are able to swim at least 25 metres with confidence by the time they leave Year 6.

Recovery Curriculum

We strived to keep our children active over the periods of lockdown via our learning platforms and the key worker children who attended school during this time still received quality PE lessons.  Socially distanced lessons focussing on skills have been delivered on the children’s return to school, and, as things begin to return to normal, priority is being given to team games and competition which the children have missed out on over the past year.

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