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School Council

Caldershaw school council.

Our Big Action Plan 2023/2024

1. Kindness Challenge for CHILDLINE

2. 'Wear a hat day':- for BRAIN TUMOUR RESEARCH

3. An animal charity - to be decided in 2024

School council 2023-2024

Year 2 - Archie

Year 2 - Isla-Rose

Year 3 - Lilly

Year 3 - Harrison

Year 4 - Amelie (Vice Chair)

Year 4 - Max

Year 5 - Georgie (Secretary)

Year 5 - Ava-Mai (Chair Person)

Year 6 - Subhaan

Year 6 - Amelia M (Chair Person

Red Nose Day 2024

Caldershaw Pupils (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed Red Nose Day 2024. Pupils voted to come in their favourite colour or dressed in a selection of colours, including crazy hair and face paint. Our fantastic cook, Rorrie, also made Red Nose biscuits to aid in our fundraising efforts. We had a wonderful day and most importantly raised £580 for this extremely worthwhile cause!


Brain Tumour Research 'Wear a Hat Day' 

Part of the school Council's 'Big Action Plan' for 2023-2024 was to participate and raise money for the Brain Tumour Research 'Wear a Hat day.' The children had a great time wearing their own clothes and hats (many of which were very imaginative) and for our efforts we raised a fantastic £631!

Cat's Protection Day 2023

The final part of our 'Big Action Plan' for 2023 involved informative class talks from a representative from Cat's Protection, followed by a 'purrrfect' day of fun and fundraising for this worthy cause. During our fundraising day, pupils and staff dressed up as cats (or in cat colours) for a £2 donation. Some lucky children who were picked from a draw, then had the opportunity to paint the faces of  their Teachers and Teaching Assistants to make them more 'cat like.' As you can see, some of the results were interesting but the children had a great time doing this. Finally, staff and pupils paraded their feline moves down a catwalk to cat themed music. For our incredible efforts we raised a fabulous £574! A huge thankyou and well done for all of your support.

Caring Caldershaw

As part of our Big Action Plan, the School Council delivered handwritten letters and postcards to residents within our local community. The letters were written by all of the children within our school, with the intention of spreading some happiness and good cheer.

The Guide Dog association.

 Well done to Caldershaw-we raised £406-98 for the Guide dog association. The children enjoyed taking part in a blind folded obstacle course which helped them to have a greater understanding of how it feels to be blind. They also had fun playing Pin the tail on the dog!  

Alongside our Eco council, the school council have decided to support two animals, which are currently endangered in 'Our World'!

We collectively chose the sea turtle and the jaguar. Both of these face habitat destruction, climate change and many other factors, which in turn are causing a catastrophic decline in these species. Caldershaw Primary School will make a donation, which will hopefully help to protect the future of nature and support the WWF's Global efforts.

Well done Caldershaw for yet another successful

Hello Yellow Day 2020!

 The school council would like to remind you to wear yellow on Thursday 10th of October to support MIND! 

They are asking for a donation of £2.00 to help this important charity which raises vital funds for YoungMinds. Improving Mental Health. Changing Attitudes. Empowering Young People


'Odd socks Day'

Monday 11th of November 2019.

Children and staff are invited to wear 'Odd socks' to kick start this year's Anti-bullying week in November!




Our plan consists of three parts:

  1. A Random act of Kindness-children from each class will be writing a letter, drawing a picture or even writing some jokes. These will be posted to our local residential homes to put a smile on the residents faces!
  2. Supporting our local RSPCA.
  3. Supporting our local Food bank in Rochdale by collecting non-perishable items.


The school council completed the first part of their big action plan by asking the whole school to write a 'Random act of Kindness' letter for the residents of Beechwood Lodge.

Some children asked questions, wrote jokes or even drew a picture! Mrs Scott delivered them just before Christmas 2018 and they were received with thanks from the residents!

The school council have completed the second part of their action plan by collecting donations for our local RSPCA. We have donated food, toys, blankets and lots of other fantastic things to make an animals life happier!

Thank you very much for your continuous support:- The Rochdale branch of RSPCA were overwhelmed by our donations.

The school council have completed the third and final part of their

'BIG ACTION PLAN 2018/19!'

Each class collected food for our

local Food bank in Rochdale.

The results were as follows:

Nursery and Reception collected 47.10kg

Years 1 and 2 collected 59.10kg

Years 3 and 4 collected 42.90kg

Years 5 and 6 collected 72.50kg!

In total Caldershaw Primary collected 221.60kg which is amazing!!

Once again may we thank all our parents and carers for their support, which helps lots of families in need in our borough.

Once again we had a very successful

'RED NOSE DAY 2019!'

We raised a grand total of £715!!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our parents and carers for donating money to this charity. Also a big thank you once again to Mrs Barr for her delicious Red nose biscuits!

And finally a round of applause for our brave school councillors Aaron, Lilly and Harry for allowing lots of children to throw wet sponges at them in the stocks!!

Some members of the school council and other students were asked to join our cook Rorrie Fenton to taste new ideas for our school dinner menu! This consisted of Jerk chicken, spicy noodles, home made coleslaw, burgers and lots more!! Most of the children agreed that the new ideas were very tasty indeed!

Look out for them appearing on our menu choice.

Once again the school council would like to say a huge 'THANK YOU!' for supporting our


We had lots of fun dressing up in as many colours as possible and having crazy hair..........we raised a whopping £645!

The third and final part of our 'BIG ACTION PLAN'

was to hold a colour run/race for life at school on Friday 13th July 2018. All the money raised will be donated to Cancer Research a charity close to everyone's heart!

We surpassed our target of £2000!!

In total we raised a whopping £2648!!!!!

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU for your generosity and support it was an amazing afternoon enjoyed by all....


RSPCA Donations 2021!

Huge thank you to our parents/carers for your generous donations to our local

 'RSPCA' in Rochdale.

We welcomed Inspector Beth Fazackerley from the RSPCA to our school .She taught us all about the importance of caring for any animal either in the wild or a family pet. Beth was extremely knowledgeable about her role and answered all of our questions!

Thank you again to Beth and her colleagues-we hope our donations help to look after  the animals currently being  cared for in our local Rochdale branch? 

Huge thank you to all our parents/carers for your kind donations to the Food bank in Rochdale!

Many families will be able to enjoy the food,

all thanks to............

'Caldershaw Primary!'

Caldershaw Primary are


Caldershaw School Council 2019/20

Year 1-Ava-Mai-councillor

Year 1-Daniel-councillor

Year 2-Isla-councillor

Year 2-Emmett-councillor

Year 3-Charlie N-councillor

Year 3-Scarlet-councillor

Year 4-Jack-councillor

Year 4-Edie-Secretary

Year 5-Thomas A-Vice chairperson

Year 5-Leilah-Treasurer

Year 6-Olivia B-Chairperson

Year 6-Yusuf-councillor

Caldershaw School Council 2018/19

Aaron(Year 6)-Chairperson

Skylar(Year 5)-Vice Chairperson

George(Year 5)-Treasurer

Harry(Year 4)-Secretary

Bobby(Year 2)-Councillor

Lucy(Year 2)-Councillor

Zaki(Year 3)-Councillor

Lily(Year 3)-Councillor

Lilly(Year 4)-Councillor

Gabrielle(Year 6)-Councillor

Our School Council

'Obstacle fundraising day' on Thursday 20th June 2019 was really successful!

We raised a total of £768.80 which will help to boost our council budget and therefore allow us to buy some exciting playtime equipment for our school!

Thank you once again for your generosity and support.

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