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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5 

Class teacher: Mr Robertson

Teaching assistants: Ms Tetlow




This is an example of one of our knowledge organisers. Knowledge organisers are a summary of key facts, vocabulary and essential information that the children need for each unit of work. Please feel free to print them out and encourage your child to consolidate their learning. All the units are listed below.

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SCIENCE - Earth and Space

During this unit, Year 5 have learnt about the movement of the planets in our solar system, the orbits of the Moon and Earth, explored the scientific understanding of day and night, phases of the moon among more.

History - Working life in Rochdale

Our second topic and first history unit of the year was a success - the children had a wonderful time exploring a range of primary evidence to inform our learning and to determine whether or not Rochdale has a historic working history. We found evidence of factories, mills and terrace houses within our local area. We then planned a local walk to answer the question: what remains of the Rochdale's historic past? We've also compared Rochdale throughout history!

English - Descriptive story

Year 5 have been preparing to write a descriptive story based on a a short film with themes of Innocence, curiosity, rebellion, temptation and consequence. Here is a clip that shows them experience this intriguing, descriptive film, for the first time! Pending upload.

SCIENCE - Forces

Our first science topic this year is forces, specifically focusing on gravity, air and water resistance and the effects of friction among others.


In our first topic of the year, will be 'Exploring Ukraine', comparing both capital cities (London and Kyiv) based on their human and physical geography.


Sent home on a Friday:

Weekly spellings

Math challenges

The Year 5 spelling test is completed on a Friday morning and the following weeks spellings are introduced.

Math challenges are discussed the following Friday, focusing on the methods the children used to complete the calculations. 


PE lesson are every Monday and Tuesday afternoons. Please refer to the class guidelines for information relating to clothing.

At Caldershaw we know how important reading is: not only to enable us to find out about the world and research specific topics, but (most importantly) in giving life long pleasure. Please read a book every night and record it in your reading record (remember: all books count). A few pages will do, but make sure you understand what you've read!

Remember, reading 5 times per week means you'll be entered into our weekly Milkshake draw!


Below are a selections of books we recommend children in year 5 read.


Science - Properties and changes of materials

Year 5 have investigated a range of materials (including everyday materials) and their properties, determining uses as well as exploring thermal conductors and insulators. We separated solids, liquids and magnetic objects using a range of approaches - one being evaporation. Year 5 successfully conducted experiments recovering reversible materials as well as creating irreversible changes.

DT - Structures

Year 5 have designed, built and evaluated their own structures after spending time researching how structures are made. how to reinforce them and the best materials to use. They also practiced sawing and creating strong joints. 

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