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Online Learning

Online Learning


In case of a class or school closure, follow the instructions in our video to sign in to Microsoft Teams at home for remote learning from your class teacher (Year 1 to Year 6). In Nursery and Reception your teacher will contact you through EvidenceMe.

You can also follow the instructions in our guidance document here.​​​​​​​

Information for parents about our remote learning January 2021

Our contingency plans letter to parents Sept 2020 is here


Caldershaw acceptable use on Microsoft TEAMS and the internet.

Some important points to remember:

Please behave in the same way as you would in school whilst using Microsoft TEAMS.
If using the ‘chat’ feature or messaging the teacher, remember the ‘Caldershaw code’ – don’t type anything, you wouldn’t say face to face in school.
Wear appropriate clothing for video ‘check-in’ times and have this virtual meeting with your teacher, somewhere suitable in your house (not your bedroom), with an adult in the same room.
Do not make any video calls to anyone else. These calls will be set up at certain times by the teachers. Your teacher will let your parents know when these will take place.
Where possible only contact your teacher during the school day. Your teacher will be available for questions and will reply during the school day. 8:40 am – 3:30 pm.
If you are worried or concerned about anything you see online, please tell your parents/carers. They can then inform your teachers.
Do not record, take photos of anyone or share personal information on Microsoft TEAMS. The video lessons will be recorded by the teacher (for any pupils to watch back), ensure you behave appropriately.
If we all behave responsibly, we can continue to learn in a safe and secure manner whilst also enjoying our virtual learning.




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