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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

Class teacher: Mr Ferris

Teaching assistants: Miss Potts 


 Here is​​ our class guidelines sheet, which has helpful information about our class routines and expectations. 

If you would like to speak to staff, please do not approach them at the door but ring the office to leave a message or contact them via Seesaw. Staff will return your call or answer your Seesaw message as soon as they can.


Please find a list of books that we will encourage your child to read and enjoy in their year group. The list will give your child a range of different reading experiences, across many different genres. We believe this will encourage a love of reading and give your child more opportunities and exposure to a wide variety of new vocabulary and develop their reading skills further. They would also make ideal presents from family that would support their reading journey through school.



As part of our topic, Year 6 learnt about the different countries that make up the continent of North America and about a number of famous natural and human landmarks. They also found out about the physical features of North America, including rivers and mountains. We have looked at the different types of biomes and climates in North America and the possible reasons for this.


The children visited Robinwood in September and worked on their communication and team building skills. We had a great time completing activities like: nightline, crate challenge, zip wire, caving, trapeze and piranha pool. 


As part of their topic on Vikings, Year 6 took part in a Viking day. Pupils received detailed information about the lives of Vikings which included information on homes, clothing, diet and battle (including weaponry). They also took part in a range of creative tasks in which they made oil lamps, studied Viking artefacts, made a Viking game involving counters and even formed a shield wall.


Monday: Specific pages in CGP Science book given out to read. Vocabulary of the Week given out

Friday: Spellings given out and tested on following Friday

Friday: Aspects of Maths that we have worked on or will be working on will be given out. We may also give out SATS related work during the year.

At Caldershaw we know how important reading is: not only to enable us to find out about the world and research specific topics, but (most importantly) in giving life long pleasure. Please read a book every night and record it in your reading record (remember: all books count). A few pages will do, but make sure you understand what you've read!

AND remember each time your book is signed you will collect a reading raffle ticket and give yourself the chance to win a 'reading raffle' prize.




This is an example of one of our knowledge organisers. Knowledge organisers are a summary of key facts, vocabulary and essential information that the children need for each unit of work. Please feel free to print them out and encourage your child to consolidate their learning. All the units are listed below.

 KO Maya Civilisation.pdfDownload
 KO North America.pdfDownload
 KO Scots, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.pdfDownload
 KO South America.pdfDownload
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 KO Animals including humans Y6.pdfDownload
 KO Electricity Y6.pdfDownload
 KO Evolution Y6.pdfDownload
 KO Light Y6.pdfDownload
 KO Living things and their habitats Y6.pdfDownload
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 KO Y6 Landscape painting.docxDownload
 KO Y6 Mask Making.docxDownload
 KO Y6 Still Life.docxDownload
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 KO RE Y6.odpDownload
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 KO Y6 Music.docxDownload
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Year 6 have been investigating how our heart rate changes with exercise. They measured their resting heart rate and then did different types of exercise for a specified period of time. Following this, they once again measures their heart rate. They calculated the difference and were able to show which exercise had the most affect.

The Ancient Maya

Year 6 enjoyed learning about the Maya and organised the different civilisations on a timeline to find out when they occupied Mesoamerica. We have also made some Maya masks using modroc. 

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